Lanherne Farm

Lanherne Farm is a small farm in Greenville County, SC established by David Gilbert in 2007, which grows more than 200 varieties of peppers from over forty different countries. They utilize only sustainable, natural growing methods without man-made chemical fertilizers or herbicides to produce an abundance of chiles from early July until November. As a "Certified SC Grown" operation, Lanherne Farm provides the absolute freshest, hand-picked produce available anywhere. The award-winning farm has been featured in several magazines and has been the host of the "Carolina-Caribbean Pepper Research Project" since 2008, which endeavors to bring obscure yet terrific tasting peppers to the marketplace. Lanherne Farm also offers an exclusive 12 Pepper Assortment of the absolute hottest chiles in the world. The farm also grows a large number of hard to find seasoning peppers from South America and the Caribbean which enable chefs to create authentic ethnic dishes utilizing the same chiles that would be used by cooks in their native countries. You can also find some of the sweetest peppers in the world for sale exclusively under their tent at the TD Saturday Market, along with cucumbers, eggplant and lemongrass. Freshness and customer satisfaction are always guaranteed by Lanherne Farm.

Found at these Farmers Markets:
TD Saturday Market


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